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January 31, 2009

TNS Author Showdown

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Sup penguins,

TNS Productions has something to share with you. For the first time, TNS will be having the TNS Author Showdown! In this showdown, our contestants will go through challenges. The winner gets to be an author for TNS for 6 monthes! That’s right! 6monthes! The first 5 penguins to comment will become contestants. BY THE WAY: NUMINATERCP, SABRES678, COOLDOOD549, MICRO NIK, AND I CAN’T ENTER! We will announce the contestants on Friday, February 6th. Thank you, and good luck!



1000 Hits (Numinatercp)

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Hey penguins,

My site is having a 1000 Hits paty! Here is the info below.

When: February 6th

Time: 12:00 PST

Why: 1000 Hits!

Server: Thermal/ Cove

Contest: Postcard

The person to send me a postcard will win a free rare non member penguin. Pic below.

Here are some pics.781-days-old3

Here is a pic of the member penguin.


To win the member penguin. Its a comment contest. Comment the most and the member is yours!

Cya there!


TNS Double Hit Party Bash!

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Hey penguins!

I just wanted to remind you on the TNS Double Hit Bash. I have multiple tests in school, so I might have to skip the party. I also don’t know if Sabres678 will be filming. Anyway, party info is below:
TNS’s Double Hit Party Bash

When: Saturday, January 31st, 2009 – 1:00 PST

Where: Sabretooth Night Club

V.I.P.’s: Eric E, Micro Nik, Werlinator, & Wexfief

Time Contest: Whoever shows up 10 minutes early first, will become an author on our site.

I’ll try to come~


Bikeboy93 Beta Spotted

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Hello guys,

Another beta has been spotted. Bikeboy93 was spotted at 7:00 A.M. PST, or 10:00 A.M. EST. Sabres678 and I spotted him at the Frozen Dock. His pic below:
Remember: TNS is your #1 Beta Spotter!


January 30, 2009

New Sports Catalog

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Hey pengis!

I gotta hurry. I’m going somewhere. Originally, Numinatercp was going to do this for me, but he was having trouble with his pictures. He lost some of them, so I will do it instead:
The pin is at the Beacon. Now for the catalog:
The only cheat is the rock-climbing wall. Click on it. You can get these items:
And this old cheat to get the silver surfboard:

1.) Click on the penguin once.
2.) Then click the clam and starfish.
3.) Get surfboard.
Well, those are the cheats!

waddle on~


January 29, 2009

March Fun!

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Hey pengis,

Good news! Well, it turns out that February Fun has been changed to March Fun. Proof below:


Newspaper 172

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Hello penguins!

Newspaper #172 came out today! I got the scoop before anyone else did. Even Snow Dobby and Mohd222! Usually they post before me. Anyway, the Upcoming Events are below:
As you can see, the new Paint By Letters book isn’t out. Billybob posted on CP apologizing. Apparently, there is still bugs in the book that he says he’ll “squash”. The new book and Sport Catalog should come out tomorrow.


7000 Hits!

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Hey guys!

Thanks for giving us 7000 Hits! We will try to continue our work here at TNS, so you get good cheats and tell you what’s you.

Thanks again!

~Tiberus98 & TNS Productions

January 28, 2009

New Paint By Letters Book

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Hello pengis!

Billybob announced today that there’s a new Paint By Letters Book tomorrow. It’s called “Lime Green Dojo Clean”, and it comes out tomorrow. Book cover below:
If you don’t know, Paint By Letters is a Club Penguin series book that allows you to type letters in, and sometimes you choose parts of the story by typing.

What do you think about Paint By Letters?

Comment and tell us!


Do you get to keep it? Yes or No?

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Sup pengys,

I’ve been wondering,and I thought of a question for you guys to answer.OK here it is.If your a member,and you went to the member party,and you got the Boom box,(here’s the question part)if you lost your membership,would you get to keep the boom box????It was for the membership party,but it was free.

Do you think you would get to keep it?I mean it was free,but for the membership party.I don’t really get it though,so maybe you guys could help me?Please? Im sure you will.But think about it and comment,of what YOU think,not what  some  other person’s thought…YOURS!

Well that all penguins…

Waddle on … but not to far or you’ll fall of a cliff!



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