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February 28, 2009

Slime Soccer

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Hey guys!

There’s a new game I found on the computer called Slime Soccer. It’s really fun. Here’s the URL:

It’s really addicting!




Tonites Matchups (2/28/09)/NHL Trade Deadline

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Sup penguins!

For u hockey fans, here’s TONITES MATCHUPS!!!:

Washington @ Boston, 1:00
Florida @ New Jersey, 1:00
Anaheim @ Dallas, 3:00
San Jose @ Montreal (Joe Thornton Rules!), 7:00
Toronto @ Ottawa (CANADIAN MATCHUP!!!), 7:00
Buffalo @ NY Islanders (LET’S GO BUFFALO!), 7:00
Colorado @ NY Rangers, 7:00
Carolina @ Atlanta, 7:00
Detroit @ Nashville, 8:00
St. Louis @ Phoenix (DOAN & JOKINEN RULE!!), 9:00
Minnesota @ Edmonton, 10:00

Also, the trade deadline is coming. Many trades have already been made, like the Comrie-Campoli-McAmmond trade, or the Begin-Janik trade between Montreal and Dallas. Let’s not forget the Chris Kunitz-Ryan Whitney trade between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Anaheim Ducks. But there is more to this trade deadline still…

There has been rumors spreading on Vincent “Vinny” Lecavalier leaving the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tampa General Manager (GM) Brian Lawton says that Vinny isn’t going anywhere in the deadline. So, for those Lightning fans, Lecavalier is staying put.

The Anaheim Ducks’ salary cap has been filled with alot of money. Anaheim defenseman Chris Pronger might leave the Ducks for teams that are interested in him, like the Toronto Maple Leafs or Philadelphia Flyers. So, to Eric E and all Duck fans, I hope you won’t miss Chris Pronger, because he might be moving on.

Another skilled defender turns attention to Florida Panther Jay Bouwmeester. Jay says he’s not re-signing with Florida. What will Florida do? Who knows?

Keith Tkachuk rumors have been going ’round, saying Tkachuk will go to another team, like the Boston Bruins. Tkachuk has a no-trade clause, and Tkachuk isn’t gonna waive it. The point, Tkachuk is staying where he is.

Marian Gaborik, the only NHL player to score five goals in a game in the 21st century. He’d be good to get for any team. Sad new — he has been out due to an injury for 10 weeks. The price is too high for an injured player like this. Gaborik needs to become healthy, and then get traded.

The trade deadline is coming up, and is the place to see every trade made. Until next post, cya!



Rockhopper Cheats/New Pin

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Ojoc here. Rockhopper’s finally here! He brought only clothing item: the Swashbuckler Outfit. Here’s the catalog:
There’s only one cheat:
Click the X in order to get the Porthole.
Also, the new pin has come out. It’s at the Iceberg. It’s an O’Berry:
That’s all for now!


February 25, 2009

10,000 Hits: PARTY TIME FINALLY!!!!!!!!

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Tiberus98 here to tell you about TNS’s 10,000 Hits party! Finally! The last party we had was back at around 5,000 Hits. It’s time to party once more! Here’s the party info:


contest at eriecpcheats

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February 23, 2009

White Puffle Spotted On Camera!

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Hey penguins,

I was watching the puffle video and when I paused it…… I CAUGHT THE WHITE PUFFLE! Here is a pic.


I SWEAR this is not an EDIT! This is really real.


February 22, 2009

New to TNS!

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Hey guys!

I’m new here on TNS. For those that don’t know me, I’m Chewy, or Kingpin2. I have my own site. It’s very popular. Last time I checked I had over 100 people on my site. Here’s the link:

I look forward to posting for TNS Productions.


Vader2006 (Hacked)

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Hi penguins,

I saw Vader2006 today, but he was wearing different clothes. Numinater says that he was hacked, because when he saw him, Vader said he wasn’t Gizmo, and he is. Someone has hacked him. Just look at him:

I wonder who hacked him.


Puffle Video

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Sup pengis!

The Club Penguin mods have created the Puffle Video. Billybob also said the bugs in the puffle furniture should be fixed soon. Here is the URL link to the Puffle Video:

Copy & paste this in your URL address box in order to see the Puffle vid.

BTW: When releases news on Ryan Miller’s injury, we’ll let you know more on it, for those that want to know how he’s doing.


Ryan Miller Suffers Ankle Sprain

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Hey penguins 😦

The Sabres best goalie Ryan Miller has been injured due to Scott Gomez running into him. Well, we really don’t know what happened. Two guys think two different things. Sabres Head Coach Lindy Ruff thinks Gomez did it on purpose:

“I don’t think there’s any secret it was deliberate,” Ruff said. “They wanted to try and disrupt him.

“[Gomez] knew what he was doing… He knew what he was doing.”

Ryan Miller, though, has a different story:

“I know Scott personally,” Miller said. “I don’t think he would ever come in and try to injure me, especially when I’m not facing the play… the referee said he lost an edge. He’s not that kind of guy. He was probably trying to go for the puck.”

Miller said it’s too early to estimate how long he will be out of the lineup. An update will be given following practice on Sunday.

“These are the kind of things you have to feel out,” Miller said. “There is no timetable really, it’s your comfort level. Right now I just want to get through the night until the morning and see how my body reacts. I’ve had a few ankle sprains in my time and each one has been different. We’ll see how this one plays out.”

“It’s not broken, but we don’t know how much time,” Ruff said. “It’s serious enough he can’t play, but we’ll see how it is tomorrow.”

Patrick Lalime took over for the remainder of the game after Miller left the ice, making 13 saves in the final frame.

“Patty is a good goalie. We’ll get him up and running, whatever length of time,” Ruff said. “He’s worked hard all year long… I think when you’re in a starting role and you get rhythm, it’s a lot easier than playing every five or six games.

“We’ve got to do our best to play in front of him.”

Ruff thinks Gomez did it on purpose last night, as the Sabres beat the Rangers, 4-2. Miller doesn’t think that. This is where you all come in. You have to decide by the video below:

Comment and tell us if it was on purpose or accidental. NO SARCASM! THIS IS SERIOUS! I’m already mad that Miller probably won’t play on Tuesday against the Anaheim Ducks! WE’VE ALREADY LOST WITH LALIME IN! 😦 I wanted a clean matchup between Giguere and Miller, and now it’s ruined! So:

Was the hit on purpose?

Was it on accident?

What does ‘on the edge’ mean?

Comment and tell us!

Good luck Ryan

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