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March 29, 2009

2009 Playoffs: Who’s Hot/Who’s Not!

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Hiya hockey fans!

Tiberus98 here to tell you that since the NHL 2009 Playoffs are a few weeks away, I should talk to you about 2009 Playoffs: Who’s Hot/Who’s Not!

To start off, I do say, the Buffalo Sabres are on their way. Since Ryan Miller is back, the Sabres beat Toronto, 5-3, and Montreal, 4-3 in the Shootout. In my vote, they are HOT.

Here are the HOTS:

Buffalo Sabres
Detroit Red Wings
New Jersey Devils (BRODEUR RULES!)
Washington Capitals
Boston Bruins
Chicago Blackhawks (Patty Kane)
San Jose Sharks
Philadelphia Flyers
Carolina Hurricanes (WON THEIR LAST 6 GAMES!!!!!!)
Pittsburgh Penguins

Who’s Not:

Toronto Maple Leafs
Tampa Bay Lightning
NY Islanders (Worst season)
Phoenix Coyotes
Colorado Avalanche
Los Angeles Kings

In the middle:

Columbus Blue Jackets
Vancouver Canucks
Minnesota Wild (BACKSTROM)
St. Louis Blues
Edmonton Oilers (I miss Kotalik)
Nashville Predators (DUMONT!!)
Atlanta Thrashers
Florida Panthers
Montreal Canadiens
Anaheim Ducks
NY Rangers (BOO DRURY!!!)

Well, I think that’s everybody. BTW: Numinater’s no longer quitting Club Penguin. He got some toys, and got the Keytar, Red Letterman Jacket, Lighthouse Shirt, Red Ski Goggles and Candy Cane Scarf. Boy, he’s lucky. My mom keeps calling Toys R Us, and they are always SOLD OUT!!!! I’M MAD NOW!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

Well, gotta go.

Waddle on!


Ninja Cards

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Sup guys!

Cid here. Billybob posted about new Club Penguin Ninja Cards coming out. He said they will come out sometime in April. If you aren’t a ninja yet, you better buy some Card-Jitsu cards.

~Cid Boy 4732

O Pingu here!

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Hi everyone! This is O Pingu.

I am friends with Cid Boy. The sad news is that someone has banned O Pingu (randomly), so now I’m using Yannies.

Anyways, Ill be posts pages and things on here(mostly pages). I nomarlly go on Mammoth, Aurora or South Pole.

See you guys later!

~O Pingu~

March 28, 2009


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Hey guys!

I’m back on TNS!!!! It’s wierd, though. I got kicked off TNS for no reason. Now, I’m back on, I guess. And O Pingu joined this site. This is great. This is the second site O Pingu and I share. It’s so cool!

Well, I’m back (hopefully I won’t get kicked again) :mrgreen:

~Cid Boy 4732

Catalogs/NHL Playoff Hopes & More

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Hey guys.

I’m terribly sorry about me not posting for a bit. I was taking a break. I do that from time to time. Anyway, there are two new catalogs I want to tell you about! One is the Ninja Catalog at the Dojo. The only new item is the White Uniform:
That is… the only item you can wear. Here is the other item:
It’s a Tea Table. Also, the Snow & Sports Catalog came out. Here are the new items/cheats:

Click on the penguin in the background wearing the Green Baseball Cap. Once you do, you can get the Green Baseball Cap and the new Green Baseball Uniform:
Click the Pitcher’s Mound for the Red Baseball Cap:
One more thing on cp: Member Levels are out!
I think it’s different levels for rank of member you are.

Now to talk on the Sabres’ Playoff hopes:

The Buffalo Sabres are on their way. They have Ryan Miller back between the pipes, and beat the Toronto Maple Leafs yesterday, 5-3. Great effort for Ryan Miller. The Sabres continue to battle tonight against Montreal, who is in eighth. Head Coach Lindy Ruff already knows who’s going in.

“Miller will play tomorrow,” Ruff said. “I don’t think there’s any secret there.”

The Sabres will try to go down the narrow path to the ’09 Playoffs. I wish ’em luck.


March 27, 2009

new pin! + i’m coming back to help tiberus98, only cause he has been a great friend

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sry for the big picture! it’s in the attic!

March 23, 2009

New Party Coming Soon

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Hey guys!

Many bad things have happened to TNS lately. Numinater is quitting, and now Eric E is thinking about it. If both quit, it forces me to bring back Clonez, Clone 787, and probably another author. Enough on that. On April 1st, there shall be another party on CP. It’s probably an April Fools Party. Heres the sneakpeek:
Billybob said it would be a “silly” party. That means APRIL FOOLS!!!

Well, gotta go!


March 22, 2009


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Hey penguins,

I am now quitting clubpenguin. I think that is is now a little kids game. But Tiberus98 thinks that it is from ages 4-14. I DONT CARE. I think its a little kids game about virtual penguins! I will go on every once in a while until my membership expires. Then  its over. I may continue to post on TNS nut if I dont go on cp what can I post about. So now I will be making a new site on new things.

Plz comment and give me some ideas!


March 20, 2009

Penguin Play Awards Are Here!

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Hello pengis!

Tiberus98 here. I’m extremely mad. Everyone’s asking me to stop posting so they can post, and NO ONE POSTS! If no one posts, I’m taking them off the site. Anyway, though, the Penguin Play Awards are here! Billybob left a surprise for you all! He got the main guys of CP to give out backgrounds. We got the CP Band, Cadence, Gary, and now, introducing… Aunt Arctic! Aunt Arctic is going around cp, and here’s what her Player card is:
She has a pretty cool background too. This is your chance, penguins. If you missed meeting a famous penguin, like me and Gary, this is your chance to meet him! You have plenty of time! This party goes till April 3rd. So, start seaching with friends. If you wanna see the Aunt Arctic tracker, go to the best tracking sites:

These sites will help you find Aunt Arctic and the stars!
Good luck hunting!


To all authors: START POSTING!!!

March 17, 2009

Klutzy the Crab

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Hey guys!

A post was made back in June 2008 about Klutzy coming into the Cave. It might’ve had to do with the mission. Anyway, here’s the pic of Klutzy in the Cave:
Sorry if this post is too old or too random. I thought it was cool, though.


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