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April 30, 2009

Crosby vs. Ovechkin

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Sidney Crosby

Alexander Ovechkin

These two guys are superstars, and starting Saturday… it’s:


That’s right hockey fans! Sid the Kid and Alex the Great are battling for the spot in the Finals. It’s jam-packed.

Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin don’t like each other. Alex calls Sid a “whiner”, while Sid calls Alex a “showman”, which means “showoff”.

You can tell this game is gonna be dirty. And Evgeni Malkin is the link for both Crosby and Ovechkin. Evgeni knows Alex from back home. They have a historical rivalry.

Sidney Crosby came into the NHL wanting to have that dream of becoming a Wayne Gretzky. He’ll get that dream. That is, unless Alexander Ovechkin takes that title away.

Now, it’s an all-out brawl to see who’s better! CROSBY VS. OVECHKIN!

Also, Boston plays Carolina. Boston wins in 6 games.


P.S.: Tomorrow is the new catalog. I will post it!




April 26, 2009

Rockhopper At Disney World/New Pin

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Hey guys!

In 4 days, you will be able to meet Rockhopper in person. Billybob says he’s sorry alot of people can’t go and meet him. I can’t. Numinater can’t. The Sabre Bros. can’t. Eric E can’t. Alot can’t.

For those TNS fans that can meet Rockhopper, below is a map that will guide you to him. The X is where Rockhopper is. Billybob said: “Hollywood Studios is where you can meet Rockhopper.”

Once you meet him for those that can, please comment about your expierence with Club Penguin’s favorite penguin pirate.


P.S.: New pin is located at the Dojo Courtyard. It’s a Tree.

I adopted a Blocktopus

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Say hi to my new Blocktopus!


Stuartputt Took Me Off :(

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Oh man
😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

I’m no longer buddies with Stuartputt. It was fun while it lasted.


NHL News

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Hey hockey fans.

There’s a bit going on, so let’s get started right away, shall we?

To start, the San Jose Sharks stay alive with a win against the Anaheim Ducks:

Sharks 3, Ducks 2

Tough break for Getzlaf and the Ducks. The Sharks would’ve been on the brink of elimination.

Anyway, the Pittsburgh Penguins will be moving on to the semifinals. A 5-3 comeback win for Pittsburgh kicks Danny Briere, Scottie Hartnell, Marty Biron and the Philly Flyers out of a playoff spot for the semifinals. I predict Pittsburgh will play Boston next. I dunno.

Elsewhere in the NHL: New York Ranger Head Coach John Tortorella has been suspended one game for squirting a fan with water and throwing a water bottle that struck a fan during Game 5 of the Rangers-Capitals game. It happened 6:33 into the 3rd period. Because of the incident, Tortorella will miss Game 6 with the Rangers.

“While it is a difficult decision to suspend a coach at this point in a playoff series, it has been made clear to all of our players, coaches and other bench personnel that the National Hockey League cannot — and will not — tolerate any physical contact with fans,” NHL Senior Executive Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell said. “We do not take this action lightly. It is the result of an entire day of investigation and evaluation that included the retrieval and review of videotape of the incident and discussions with Mr. Tortorella, other Rangers’ bench personnel and a number of other people, including the security personnel at the Verizon Center.

“That investigation revealed that Mr. Tortorella squirted a fan with water before Mr. Tortorella was doused with a beverage.

“While, in these circumstances, it always is easy to allege mitigating circumstances, the fact is we do not tolerate contact with our fans in this manner. That is communicated before each season in a memo that is issued by the League to all of the management, coaches and players of every team.

“The Sept. 8, 2008, memo, entitled ‘Supplementary Discipline Reminders for the 2008-09 Season,’ included the following section regarding Contact With Fans:

Even where a fan is verbally abusive, intoxicated, or profane, club personnel should either ignore the conduct or, where appropriate, seek the assistance of police or security personnel at the arena. This prohibition extends to all forms of physical contact, whether it be direct physical contact, the throwing of objects (including hockey sticks and other equipment) or even the squirting of water. While the latter form of conduct may have, in the past, seemed to be of a minor or harmless character, such conduct may serve only to incite and provoke an unruly fan and may ultimately lead to unforeseen consequences.

Accordingly, please be on notice that all Club personnel (management, coaches, trainers, and/or players) who engage in any form of physical contact with fans, including the squirting of water, will, on a going forward basis, be subject to discipline in the form of a suspension. The Club involved will also be subject to a fine.

The suspension was issued pursuant to the Commissioner’s authority under Section 6.3(j)(1)(a) of the NHL Constitution.

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About the Spartans

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Hey penguins!

I’m the new author on TNS, because of the alliance with CPS (Club Penguin Spartans). I’m posting to tell you about CPS.

Spartan Hall of Fame


Pizzarn was the commander of the Spartans. Sadly, he perished in a devistating iceberg accident, leaving me in charge.


When the CPS split up, he helped bring them back together.

Oh, I gotta go. I’ll post more about CPS later.


April 25, 2009


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Hey guys!

An army penguin came on our site today. He said he liked TNS, and he saw the post Sabres678 made back in December about the Spartans. Turns out, he is the leader of the Spartans. So, I’ve decided to have the Spartans and TNS Productions become allies! This means Joee, the leader of the Spartans, will post about battles that will occur, so you can join.

The TNS-Spartan Partnership begins now!


P.S.: No offense to Sabres678, Sabres333, or the Brown Banditos.

Ya Ya

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Hey guys!

I saw a sweet rare penguin named Ya Ya. Here’s her player card:

I know it’s a random post, but she’s rare, and I post about rare penguins I see.


What We’ve Missed

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Hey guys!

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while. We have a new author on TNS, though. His name is Chuluping. Welcome Chuluping! Anyway, I decided to post what we’ve missed.

In the NHL, the Vancouver Canucks, Boston Bruins, and Detroit Red Wings have swept their quarterfinal matchups. Bruins played Montreal, Vancouver played St. Louis Blues, and Detroit played Columbus. I knew Columbus wouldn’t make it past Detroit. It was obivious.

Now to Club Penguin: I’ve got posts to catch up on!

First, Billybob posted about the Nintendo DS coming into Austailia!
Then, he talked about meeting Rockhopper in REAL LIFE!!! He’s there in Disney World in Florida April 30th-May 13th. This is a great opportunity to meet the happy pirate you’ve seen on cp!

Billybob posted on getting paid for doing missions for the PSA.

Screenhog talked about the Sled Upgrade. He said you’d be able to buy a toboggan, and use it in the oldest cp game. And below is for a joke:

He posted about the Mideveal Party:

Where do knights go to get something to eat?
An “all knight” diner!

Old and new things are coming back. Below is a sneakpeek. They also gave a bonus. It shows the Mideveal Party sketch, and next to it, is it an item? I’m guessing it is. There is a special thing for members: Knight’s Quest. I dunno what it’s about, though.

And last, but not least, the Game Upgrades have been made. You can now get a toboggan at the Ski Mountain.
It costs 300 coins. I’ve already used it. It’s pretty neat.

Well, I’m done posting for now. Tiberus98 signing off!



April 21, 2009

New Better Igloo Catalog Cheats!

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Hi everyone! This is O Pingu. Cid is busy, and Tiberus hasn’t posted it yet, so I’m going to post the Catalog Cheats.

Here are the cheats for the New Better Igloo Catalog.

Go to the first page in the catalog and click on the Poodle plant for the wheel barrow.


Go to the second page in the catalog and click on theΒ  right hand side corn for the picket fence.


Go to the fourth page and click on the red guitar for the disco ball.



Go to the seventh page and click on the word β€œpuffle” for the white puffle poster.


Go to the eighth page and click on the koi pond for the ice table.



Go to the tenth page and click on the pinata for the Aquarium.


What do you think?

~O Pingu~

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