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May 31, 2009

Taking A Break/ 15,000 Hits (Party after I return)

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Hey guys!

TNS has 15,000 hits! But I dunno about a party right now on cp. Club Penguin just isn’t really fun anymore. Nothing really is. Hockey is almost over, so I’m really not that into it much anymore either. Nothing is really that entertaining. What I’m trying to say is that I’m taking a break for a week. I’M NOT QUITTING! I’M JUST TAKING A VACATION FROM CP, NHL, AND OTHER BORING THINGS! So don’t start rumors that I’m quitting, and all that crud. I will return in a week. Besides, my birthday is Friday. So, I leave you farewell for a week.



B-Day Cake

Here are some funny videos for my b-day! It’s Stick Figures On Crack (credit to PivotMasterDX):


May 30, 2009

Two Tavares, two sports

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Hey guys!

The 2009 NHL Draft is coming soon, and TNS will be posting on the draft all day long! Yep, that’s right. I will be here, watching the draft live, and see who the teams choose. Then, I’ll post updates about it. And speaking of the draft, how about we get to know the best on the draft list, John Tavares. Yeah, he’s a pretty good hockey player. But he’s not the only famous one in the family:

The hockey player is John Tavares Jr. It’s time you got to know John Tavares Sr. He is the Wayne Gretzky of the National Lacrosse League (NLL). Tavares Sr. plays currently for the NLL’s Buffalo Bandits! Wow! But somehow, I thought they were related. Both have the same name “John Tavares”, and they both play sports.

Back in the day, John Tavares Jr. watched his uncle play lacrosse with the Bandits. He was known as the “ball boy” during games. However, lacrosse just wasn’t his thing. Hockey was. So, both Tavares play different sports, but in one family. Two Tavares, two sports.

Like uncle, like nephew. That’s how I feel with my uncle and me. He played hockey against Gretzky when they were kids back in Canada. My uncle was goalie. I feel the same way Tavares Jr. feels, because my uncle was picked 9th in the USA for the Olympics. He didn’t wanna go, though. He said that 9th in the U.S. wasn’t good enough. And so he played against the Sabres back in the ’70s in the summertime. He knew a guy that did something in the Aud, and so he played against them. Eventually, he quit hockey, never making the NHL. Not just the NHL, but the pro league period. So, it’s amazing how it’s not just: “Like father, like son.” It can be more than just a dad that makes a kid so good at something. 😀


Hossa/Conklin have tables turned/Surprise Announced

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When the Pittsburgh Penguins got Ty Conklin from the Buffalo Sabres, they thought he wouldn’t be very good. Conks only won one game out of four for the Sabres. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Thrashers gave up Marian Hossa for Colby Armstrong. Hossa never won a Stanley Cup before. But when they joined the Pittsburgh Penguins, they made it to the Cup Finals, only to be destroyed by Detroit Red Wings. And at the last second of play, Marian Hossa almost tied it, barely missing the post past goalie Chris Osgood.

Hossa was the one most upset. He felt awful he screwed it for Crosby and Malkin. And yet, he screwed it for himself. Over free agency in summer of ’08, both Ty Conklin and Marian Hossa left for the Detroit Red Wings. Since then, their game has improved. The best part, they made it to the Cup Finals. However, so did Pittsburgh…

It’s Round 2 for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings. Last year, Detroit won the series, 4-2. Things, however, have changed since then. Did Hossa and Conklin make the right choice by moving to Detroit? Or did they blow it, and Sid the Kid will finally win his first Cup?

Find out in: Detroit vs. Pittsburgh: Round 2!

The following videos are on how the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings have gotten this far. ~Disclaimer~: I do not own these vids. NHLVideo owns the vids, not me, the other authors, or TNS Productions site. I hope you enjoy the vids. 😀

Pittsburgh Penguins – How They Got There

Detroit Red Wings – How They Got There

So, who will it be? I can’t choose. To tell the truth, Crosby vs. Ovechkin probably isn’t as good as Detroit vs. Pittsburgh.


Also, the surprise I kept a secret for. I planned on doing this when the playoffs started, and now I shall make it official. TNS Productions is having an NHL Stanley Cup Party. The party invitation is below:
Stanley Cup Party Invite


May 29, 2009

Sport Catalog Sneakpeek/Dojo Igloo Contest/Screenhog Interview

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Hey guys!

Here’s tomorrow’s Sport catalog sneakpeek:
Scuba Image1

Also, there’s a Dojo Igloo Contest:
Dojo Iggy Contest
I can’t get into details right now. I’m gonna go to bed soon.

Last thing, Screenhog interviewed the newspaper guy:

More on that stuff later…


May 28, 2009

Deja vu

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Last year, the Detroit Red Wings walked away with the Cup in their grasp. Meanwhile, Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins just sat on the ice in disappointment. It was Game 6, and it was over. The one hit hard the most was Marian Hossa. At the last second, Hossa took a shot that just missed the net. He felt as if it was his fault…

Now, the Detroit Red Wings want to defend their Cup title, and the one who’s helping is guess who… Marian Hossa. But there’s another team against them… and they want revenge. Yes, it’s the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Starting Saturday, May 30th, at 8:00 EST, it will be a rematch you don’t wanna miss. It’s Crosby vs. Zetterberg, Malkin vs. Hossa, Fleury vs. Osgood, and many more… together.

Wings Pens Cup Rematch

As for Jonathan Toews, Martin Havlat, and the Chicago Blackhawks, they’re packing their bags. Although the post-season is over for Kane and Toews, it was a learning experience.

In Game 5, there was no score after 40 minutes of play. Christobal Huet and Chris Osgood were playing fantastic. Though it was Detroit that was victorious:

Well, who do you think will win the Cup? Comment and tell us!

BTW: I have a surprise tomorrow! Come on tomorrow to find out what it is…


My funny vid

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My New Baby Hatchling’s!!!!

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Tiberus Update: Go to my e-pet too! I’m already having a funeral for Iggy Senor.I had to all ready let Iggy Jr. and one of my hatchling’s die. To help me, click on the link below. Once you do, click on the my hatchling’s that I got from the abandoned pile. That’s it. Pretty simple, eh?

Update: Guys, I need you to not just click the the link and see them, I need you to move your mose and click on all of our hatchling’s. The reason most of our e-pets die is due to lack of clicks and not views. I just need you to click on the eggs and hatchling’s so they can mature. Thank You.

Hey guys, I need your help. I have just hatched two eggs and got baby hatchling’s!!! Now if they do not get enough clicks on the hatchling’s, THEY WILL DIE!!!! So I need all of you to click on my hatchling’s so they can mature, then I will let them be TNS’s dragons and you can vote on their names!!! I need you all to click on my hatchling’s and comment names that you think I can name them. Here is the link to click on them and my new eggs. WE DO NOT WANT ANY MORE FUNERALS!!! -sabres333

May 27, 2009

Please level up my draganoid Eric4280

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Pretty please

May 26, 2009

Some Things Never Change

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Hello hockey fans.

I’m very disgusted about the ’09 Playoffs. The Pittsburgh Penguins play tonight, and Eric Staal has done squat against them. It’s like Malkin and Crosby are running the show. Also, Patrick Kane has done squat. I really can’t blame him completely. The Buffalo native needs help too, even if he’s an amazing player. Former Sabre Brian Campbell isn’t playing right. He’s messed up twice. So, for the second straight year, Pittsburgh and Detroit are playing each other for Mr. Stanley Cup. I hope Crosby wins it.

I’m gonna show you what happened last year when these two teams fought for Lord Stanley. It could happen ALL OVER AGAIN!

Detroit vs. Pittsburgh (’08 Cup Finals)

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Will it be the same this year? Some things never change…


May 24, 2009

TNS Funeral on Club Penguin

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Hey guys… 😦

My dragon, Iggy, died in his egg. He was a cherished friend from all our e-pets. Iggy was best friends with Numibus98 and Fuddy. But sadly, he died. R.I.P. Iggy Sr. I bought a new egg. It’s the same color: orange. Iggy only needed 4 more unique clicks to make it, but like Billy Joel once said: “Only the good die young.”

TNS will be holding a funeral on Club Penguin. Comfort me for my loss. Here is the invitation:
Iggy's Funeral Invite

Well, bye guys 😦


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