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June 30, 2009

Gomez goes to the Habs

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Today, according to, Scott Gomez of the NY Rangers has been traded to the Montreal Canadiens for Christopher Higgins. The trade was the first to start the free agency.



RIP Billy Mays

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Update: Today, it was announced that Mays died from high-blood pressure.
Sabres Update: Don’t forget to chack out our weekly cryptids page!!

Hey guys.

Alongside Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, and Ferrah Fawcett, I have some pretty sad news. Billy Mays, who’s advertised Orange Glo, OxiClean, ESPN360, Mighty Putty, and more, has died. Mays, just like Jackson, died at age 50. This YouTube video will explain why he died. 😦

RIP Billy Mays

Along with Ferrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Ed McMahon, I hope you have a great afterlife. 😦 Goodbye.
Billy Mays


P.S.: I have a poll about all of the June deaths. Here it is:

June 28, 2009

I’m a Marvel, and I’m a DC vids.

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Update: And Tiberus, if this hacker DOES strike again, I am strongly against passsword protecting the posts. Then only some people can read them. That would make our hits decrease and ruin our site. If ypou do that I will consult with the other authors about it, and may get you kicked off. Also hacker, if you hack our site one more time, I will trace the time of when the hacking happened, find out who did it, have you exposed, and make sure you pay. Thank You and comment on what you thought about the vids below!

Hey everyone, here are the vids I promised to show you!! I take no ownership of these vids.

Note:  Some of these vidoes are old.

and here is another!!

iPhone to Verizon? (Part II)

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Hey guys.

I’ve read plenty of articles since I posted Part I, and I’ve talked to many of my friends, and they believe the iPhone is coming to Verizon. I talked to a Verizon employee, and he said that ever since the iPhone came out, there’s been talk of the iPhone coming out on Verizon, but Verizon turned the offer down. However, Verizon realized the iPhone was a pretty good deal, and possibly better than the BlackBerry. So, Apple and Verizon are currently talking a contract. AT&T doesn’t want this, but it might not end up staying with AT&T, because AT&T is only an American cell phone company, while Verizon is global. Apple wants to sign with the company that’ll get more money for them, and since AT&T is only in America, and Verizon’s global, Apple will want to sign with Verizon instead, just in time for me to get one! WOO HOO! I’ve created an account on, and made my first poll. So, here’s a poll. PLEASE ANSWER THE POLL! I need to know what you think.



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Alright! This post is for the guy who has something against TNS Productions, and the authors on it. I don’t understand why he or she would do such a thing! I don’t see Wwe Adam’s site hacked, or Simmer27’s or even Jc4x4’s. All I see is this site hacked. I’m tired of what the hacker has done:

1.) Added Wexfief, Mmopuk, Orngyee, and other authors on.

2.) Hacked on their author accounts, and made false posts.

3.) Deleted my Dawson & RIP Michael Jackson posts.

SO STOP!!! If I see one more TNS hack, I will make every single post recquiring a password. THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you understand that I want NO posts deleted, and that I decide who will be the authors here. NO MORE HACKING!!!

I’m watching what’s going on…


RIP Michael Jackson

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Hey guys.

I’ve got some sad news. Michael Jackson has died due to heart failure. The “King of Pop” died three days ago, and I posted it, but a hacking occurred again. If this happens one more time, every post will be needing a password in order for you to see it. If you read this hacker, than STOP DELETING THE POSTS!!! As for Michael Jackson’s family, I apologize for your loss. Here’s a video in order to remember him by.

RIP Michael Jackson


New Dawson Video

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Hey guys!

Shane Dawson posted a new vid yesterday on YouTube, and I couldn’t post it, because I was busy all day, with a special seminar, and a party. So, I’m posting the new video today instead.



Pronger, Bouwmeester join new teams

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Update: Jay Bouwmeester, Chris Pronger, and Jordan Leopold aren’t really on their new teams. It’s temporary until free agency.

Hey guys!

While the 2009 Draft was going on, a few trades were made. The first trade was between the Anaheim Ducks and Philadelphia Flyers. The Ducks traded Chris Pronger and left winger Ryan Dingle for Philly’s Joffrey Lupul and defensive prospect Luca Sbisa, who was drafted in the first-round last year.

And yesterday, the Florida Panthers traded Jay Bouwmeester to the Calgary Flames for Jordan Leopold. Bouwmeester, 25, had 15 goals and 42 points in the 2008-09 season.



June 26, 2009

Heatley Wants To Be Traded

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Hey guys!

It has been reported that NHL forward Dany Heatley wants to be traded from the Ottawa Senators. GM Bryan Murray is gonna try his best to get rid of Heatley, who has 4 years left on his contract with Ottawa. Apparently he has to be gone before the draft. Tick tock tick tock. The clock is coming close. There were rumors that the Toronto Maple Leafs would pick him up, but Toronto Maple Leaf GM Brian Burke said that he wasn’t interested in Heatley. Hey. Maybe the Sabres could get him, along with Saku Koivu and Jay Bouwmeester. Hmmm. I shouldn’t really be focused on this, I should focus on summer and the draft. Oh well. Good luck to Heatley. Time to see Tavares and Hedman get drafted!


June 24, 2009

NHL News (06/24/09)

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Hey. It’s me again.

I just brought two music videos on. They’re on the post below this one. I have posted to give you more NHL coverage.

To start off, former NHL players Steve Yzerman, Brett Hull, and Luc Robitaille will join the NHL Hall of Fame with Brian Leetch. Yzerman is 6th leading in points in the NHL.

Meanwhile, Chris Chelios will not be playing with the Detroit Red Wings. However, he plans to still play. Chelios, 47, won three Stanley Cups. Detroit Red Wing GM Ken Holland says he just won’t sign with Detroit. So, of course this doesn’t mean Chelios is done. If you ask me, he should be done. 47 IS TOO OLD! *sigh* Well, it’s his decision, not mine. If he wants to be the “oldest” man in hockey, fine.


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