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July 31, 2009

Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne

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Hey guys!

I know I haven’t posted in a few days, but I’ve been busy in the summer. I just finished another summer camp. 2 down, 1 to go. Anyway, yesterday I was listening to Kevin Rudolf‘s “Let It Rock”, and I really, really love the song. Numinater likes it too. So, I’ve decided to post it. It’s a CP music vid, but the original was disabled, so… here it is:



July 28, 2009


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Hey guys!

I was talking to my friend yesterday, and I got his YouTube account name. It’s Xpivotgaix. He makes funny stick figure videos. I wanna promote his videos. Here’s some of them:

Here’s my friend’s channel:

Hope u subscribe to his videos! I would if I were u 😉


July 27, 2009

I’m Back!

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Hello people who come on TNS!

Its Numinater and I’m back to posting on TNS. I will be covering the MLB because its the only thing I ever do anymore. I will begin posting soon about the MLB but if you want to hear the latest, then you can go to

July 26, 2009

De La Soul – Me, Myself, and I

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Hey guys!

I decided to play an old NBA video game today, and I liked some of the songs of the GameCube game. So, I got the name of the band and song, and found the original on YouTube. And yes, I have the OFFICIAL music video.

~Disclaimer~: I do NOT own this song. De La Soul owns this song. Just saying.

I really like this song, even though it was created in 1989.


TNS Sports: Catching Up

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Hey guys!

Apparently I’ve got some catching up to do in hockey. There’s been quite of few things to talk about. For starters, let’s talk about some football. Terrell Owens is making Buffalo Bills fans excited for this season. He and quarterback Trent Edwards are gonna show Bills’ fans why they’re great. Also, Brett Favre is trying to make up his mind on whether he’ll play for the Minnesota Vikings, or retire.

Michael Vick, who was accused of dog fighting back in 2007, and suspensed by the NFL, met with NFL commisioner Roger Goodell, and they agreed on a 4-game suspension, and then Vick could start playing. Question is: for who? Rumors have spread about the Bills picking him up, and then Buffalo would be tougher. I mean, think about it:

Buffalo Bills:

Trent Edwards
Terrell Owens (T.O.)
Michael Vick ???

My aunt likes animals, so obiviously she doesn’t want Vick playing for us. And speaking of Terrell Owens (I call him T.O.), he got his face on a cereal box in Buffalo. I want one. I also want a T.O. jersey. LETS GO T.O.!

Also, go to his website:

In the NHL: The Boston Bruins will host the Philadelphia Flyers at Fenway Park on January 1st, 2010, on the next Winter Classic!
2010 NHL Winter Classic
Here are some free agent signings:

Brent Johnson – Pittsburgh Penguins
Martin Biron – NY Islanders
Nathan Smith – Minnesota Wild
Ryan Lannon – Minnesota Wild
Derek Morris – Boston Bruins
Bryce Lampman – St. Louis Blues

In the MLB: History has been made as Mark Buehrle throws a perfect game. The White Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays, 5-0, but Buehrle got no Ray player to first base. Also, in the following video, it shows Dewayne Wise, an outfielder, climb the wall, catch the ball, and almost drop it. Both Buehrle and Wise deserved a round of applause that day. U.S. President Barack Obama called from the White House congratulating him on the win.

That’s all the sports news for now. See ya!


July 25, 2009

Marvel/DC: Villains Edition

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Hey guys!

I dunno if Sabres333 was gonna do this. But I guess I’m taking his place. Alright. Here you go. The new “I’m A Marvel, and I’m A DC”:

Well, there ya go. I’ve decided I’ll post about hockey tomorrow. There’s been a lot lately. I can’t wait! 🙂


Dawson: Worst Birthday Ever!

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Hey guys!

I’m kinda upset today. The Elton John/Billy Joel concert got postponed, because Billy Joel caught the flu. What a disappointment. My mom says they won’t announce when the concert is until next week. Man, and it was my birthday present. If it’s on a school-night, I’m doomed. Well, speaking of b-days, Shane Dawson celebrated his birthday last week. So…


And his new video is all about the birthday:

BTW: I’ve got HUGE news! NUMINATER’s BACK!! I’m so happy right now! Now Numinater can put the N in TNS. Numinater’s gonna post about the MLB, and he’s back on his site too. If you forgot, here it is:

Go to that link for Numinater’s site. Well, that’s about it. I believe Sabres333 is posting “I’m A Marvel, and I’m A DC”. I might do TNS Sports today or tomorrow. I dunno.



July 23, 2009

Elton John/ Billy Joel Concert Tomorrow!

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Hey guys!

I have some news. I’m afraid I’m taking the day off of posting tomorrow, for the fact that I’m going to the Elton John/Billy Joel Concert! Oh, I’m so excited! I always pictured seeing both Elton John and Billy Joel singing together. I can’t wait! And for those of you who can’t go to the concert, I’m bringing the concert to you! Here’s some of Elton John and Billy Joel classics:

I hope u njoy’d my mini concert (LOL).


July 21, 2009

Dawson beats Cyrus on YouTube!

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Hey guys!

Big Shane Dawson news! He beat Miley Cyrus on YouTube! I know what you’re thinking. You don’t know what that means. Let’s have Shane explain everything:

I think that cleared everything up. BTW, I’m feeling in the mood for Kid Cudi. HIT IT! BTW, I know it’s a cp music vid. Once again, original disabled:


July 20, 2009

TNS News + Sports

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Hey guys!

This is the 1st edition of TNS News. We’ve also got some sports in this post. Well, let’s get started.

Walter Cronkite, a famous American broadcast journalist, passed away on Saturday. He reported many important events, including World War II. He died at age 92 from an illness, I believe. That is why I’m dedicating this post to the King of Anchormen!
Walter Cronkite

In other news: This is the 40th anniversary of the Man on the Moon from Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11. This took place on July 20th, 1969. The following is what your parents and grandparents probably saw on TV:

In sports: Clarke MacArthur will not go on arbitration. The left-wing signed a 1-year deal with the Buffalo Sabres. Also, the Sabres gained Andrej Sekera, signing the defenseman to a multi-year deal.

The Montreal Canadiens add another goalie in their crease. They inked Curtis Sanford, who played last year with the Vancouver Canucks.

Nigel Dawes has left the Phoenix Coyotes, and signed with the Calgary Flames. Dawes was picked up on waivers. Also, Matt Hunwick signed extension with Boston. Kings sign Purcell. Canes sign Carson, Rodney. I gotta go.


In sports:

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