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July 3, 2009

Heatley Still A Senator

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Dany Heatley wanted to leave the Ottawa Senators. He did not like his role for the Ottawa Senators. He also didn’t like the new coach change from Craig Hartsburg to Cory Clouston. He didn’t like how Clouston gave him limited ice time, and how he put Heatley on Line 2 of the powerplay. So, Heatley requested to be traded. No one made him an offer, except Edmonton. The Oilers were then rejected by Heatley. Bryan Murray didn’t know what to do, and wanted to trade Heatley to Edmonton for Dustin Penner, Andrew Cogliano, and Ladislav Smid.

Once rejected, rumors spread of Heatley going to the Rangers. Soon enough, the rumor was proven false. Finally, GM Bryan Murray decided to keep Heatley in Ottawa. No problems, right? WRONG! Because Heatley is still a Senator, he might not wanna play in the NHL at all next season. He’s kinda protesting. I don’t think Murray cares. He’s got Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza, and not to mention Alex Auld and Brian Elliott.

Well Heatley. You lost. Murray doesn’t care if you aren’t in the NHL. You’ve been a burden, just like Sean Avery. I suggest you apologize to Clouston and Murray and the Sens, because if you don’t, you can kiss your career ‘goodbye’.



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