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July 17, 2009

My Favorite Video Game Songs

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Hey guys!

I am making this post about my favorite video game songs. I know it’s random, but I wanna let you hear the following songs from my video games to see if you like them, even enough to buy them on Amazon or iTunes. Well, I think they’re on Amazon and iTunes. Oh, whatever. Here’s the cool songs: (BTW, I don’t own them. EA Sports owns these songs, along with the bands. Just clearing that up. NJOY!)

Ordinary – The Buzzhorn

Wall of Shame – Curse of Nature

The Shore – Mashlin

Platitude – Bloodpit

Theatre – Gatsbys American Dream

Ecuador is Lovely This Time Of Year – Inkwell

There’s A Class For This – Cute Is What We Aim For

It’s so weird. I’m friends with the cousin of the singer of “Cute Is What We Aim For”. It’s so weird and cool at the same time.

BTW: I might not be able to post the new Shane Dawson tomorrow. I’m sorry, but I’m going to a theme park tomorrow. Dawson posts his new episodes at 12:00 PM ET, and I will be leaving for the park at 10:00 AM ET. And worse… if Sabres333 doesn’t post the new “I’m A Marvel, and I’m A DC”, then you might have to wait until Sunday to see it, along with Dawson. That’s if I don’t come back in time, before it’s late. I’m probably gonna be there all day. Oh well.


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  1. Another good song is Safe ride by Cute is what we aim for

    Comment by numinatercp — July 24, 2009 @ 2:36 pm

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