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July 17, 2009

NHL News (07/16/09)

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Hey guys!

There’s been quite a bit of NHL news lately. Well, for starters, the 2009-2010 NHL Schedules are out. That’s right. They were announced yesterday. I looked at the Sabres’ season, and I can’t wait until October! I’m really excited!

Also, there’s been some signings:

Joe DiPenta – Buffalo Sabres
Tom Kostopoulos, Andrew Alberts – Carolina Hurricanes
Scott Nichol, Joe Callahan, Jed Ortmeyer – San Jose Sharks
Barry Tallackson – St. Louis Blues

That’s really all the interesting signings. Oh, and Robert Lang may sign with the KHL (Kontiental Hockey League.)

In other sports news: Brett Favre will be making another decision of whether he’ll retire, or play this time for the Minnesota Vikings. July 30th was picked as the deadline, for it is the day the Vikings start training camp.


P.S.: I know you’re wondering why I posted randomly in an NHL News about Brett Favre and the NFL. Well, the reason for that is TNS will be covering ALL sports! That’s right! TNS’s NHL News is changed to TNS Sports!!! We will post about more sports. Here’s the cast:

Tiberus98 – NHL Coverage
Eric E/ Numinater – MLB Coverage

I don’t know if Sabres333 will cover sports or not. Probably not.

P.S.2.: I found a YouTube video about the 08-09 Sabres season. It’s by GoMaX61 (obiviously a Maxim Afinogenov fan.) It’s the Top 10 08-09 Buffalo Sabres Moments. Well, here it is:

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