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August 30, 2009

I’m A Marvel, and I’m A DC: Happy Hour (Part I)

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Hey guys!

I just don’t know why Sabres333 isn’t posting his “I’m a Marvel, and I’m a DC”. I know what I’m posting though. NHL news!

It has been reported that Alex Tanguay signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning. It has not been officially announced yet. Tanguay, 29, scored 16 goals and 41 points with the Montreal Canadiens last season.

Alright, it’s time for a new episode of “I’m a Marvel, and I’m a DC”:

And that’s about it. Njoy the rest of your Sunday! Also, Eric E is gonna be posting a scary story that happened to him a couple of days ago. Hopefully he’ll have that up soon. Well, gotta go.

BTW: I may NOT post tomorrow. I’m kinda busy tomorrow, due to a school party that we have at my friend’s house, so we can find out who’s in our class. I only know 5 people in my class so far. Well, enough talking about this stuff. Besides, I gotta go now.

So, I’m leaving Eric E and Ski114G3 in charge of posting everything tomorrow. Don’t let me down buddies. I know I can count on ya! 😉 Until Tuesday…



Drake ft. Kanye West/ Lil Wayne & Eminem – Forever

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Hey guys!

On Friday, a new music video was released on iTunes. It’s by Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem. Someone on the radio said Jay-Z was supposed to be in it, yet I listened to the song, and he never sang in it. Here, you listen to it:

Njoy this like I will njoy my last 4 days of summer 😦 I created a song for all of you who hate school:

School’s Back From Summer
School’s Back, What A Bummer!

It was a spoof of “School’s Out”, that I heard on the radio. Why have u betrayed me summer!


August 29, 2009

Dawson: Death Game

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Hey guys!

Shane finally posted the vids for the game. Well, I really can’t say it’s a game. It’s more like 5 vids in 1. Just click the links given in the video, and you’ll see everything 🙂

It’s a great interactive videogame-like thing. Njoy!


Shane Dawson Video Update

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Hey guys!

I have some Dawson news. He hasn’t posted the videos yet. I can explain. On his Twitter, he said he had to upload 5 videos, because he was creating the Final Destination spoof. He has only uploaded 1/5 videos for the game, although it is unviewable. I will post the videos when they come out, which might be another 40 minutes. It’s just a wild guess. But I’ll post them when they come out.


Peggle: A Game Interview

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Ok, so my friends showed me this game on their computer, and its called Peggle.  They were begging me to make an interview about it, so…here it is 😀

Peggle is a game where the main goal is to hit balls scattered around in the middle of the screen with a ball-shooting thing at the top of the screen.  It becomes harder and harder, as you have a limit of lives.  However, you can earn back lives by attempting to shoot your ball into the moving hole at the bottom of the screen.

The only way to end the game is to get the jackpot, and to get the jackpot, you must aquire a certain amount of points.  To earn points, you have to hit the balls.  Or, you could go for the purple ball, that appears in the hardest places to reach, and travels around the screen after every turn.

The more balls, the better.  So, why not use your characters Super Power?  Each character has a super power.  Sadly, you cannot create your own character, but there are many characters to choose from.  You could choose the owl(I could care less about his name), whos power is to find the best area to shoot at.  Or, you could choose the dragon(once again, I could care less about the name), whos power is to shoot a fireball straight through the balls.  These powers are good, but to get them, you need to shoot the Green Ball, and the Green Ball is harder to reach than the purple ball, so I think that you guys should go for the purple ball and wait for the area to clear up, as the green ball also travels around the screen.

So, I think that you guys should get this game.  Even I think that it’s sort of addicting 😀


August 28, 2009

Bowser’s Kingdom Episode 3

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Update: We’ve achieved 19,000 Hits! Thanks guys!

Hey guys!

I hope you gave a warm welcome to the “surprise” of new author Ski114G3, and btw, he’s pronounced Skillage. Anyway, I have some NHL news. Here is what it is:

The Vancouver Canucks signed Mathieu Schneider. Terms were not disclosed. Also, the Canucks traded with the San Jose Sharks for Christian Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich. In exchange, the Sharks obtained Patrick White and Daniel Rahimi.

Elsewhere in the NHL, the Tampa Bay Lightning re-signed Matt Lashoff to a two-year contract.

Now, here’s another episode of Bowser’s Kingdom:

Also, Shane Dawson posted today:

More Shane tomorrow. And a new “I’m A Marvel, and I’m A DC”!


August 27, 2009

Garry’s Mod: A Videogame Interview

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Hey, guys!


This is the game thats on the top of the shopping list.  Its called Garry’s Mod, and it’s truley an AWESOME game.

I happen to own this game myself, and let me just say, it is probably one of the best games on computer, and it has one heck of a low price.  It’s only 10 bucks!

This game is INTENSE.  It’s a mod built off of Half-life 2, Counter-Strike:Source, and some others that really don’t matter to me.  You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want.  You could build a boat, and sail it over to zombie island.  Or, you could set up an army of Combines(futuristic-like soldiers), and slaughter them with RPGs and make yourself invincible, or just go old-school, and bring out an SMG.

This game is in my top favorite games list, and I highly recommend that you get it.  However, you need a steam account to get it.  Just go to Google and type in Steam, and search for it.

It’s a favorite of Tiberus98’s, also, and once again, I highly recommend getting it.


The new Author

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Hey, people!  I’m the surprise Tiberus talked about 😀


I’m new on the TNS team.  I’ll be writing from time to time, whenever I can.  Tiberus98 and me decided that I would be the teams comedian, videogame interviewer, pivot-poster, and a video poster.

If you guys want to check out my vids on YouTube, type in xPivotgaix(pronounced xPivot-GUAIx), because thats my acc. name.  I usually make stickfigure videos, and stuff like that.

So anyway, I’m really excited to be on the team.  I’m going to post some AWESOME stuff!

~Ski114G3 😀

P.S. I’m the one who showed Tiberus those IDEK videos!  😀

Dawson: Closet Vlog/ Surprise!!

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Hey guys!

This video came out Tuesday I think. Shane is talking about what some kid wrote in a comment to him. He’ll talk all about it:

Also, my fun fantastic week is coming to an end. I have 1 week left until school starts. Numinater goes back September 8th. Sabres333 and Sabres678 go back with me on September 3rd.

Also, in the NHL, Mike Sillinger announced retirement yesterday, after being in the NHL for 17 seasons. A lot of people have retired:

Bobby Holik
Markus Naslund
Claude Lemieux
Jeremy Roenick
Teppo Numminen
Mike Sillinger

Wow. 6 peeps. I wonder if they’ll be anymore. BTW, the NHL is still fighting Jim Balsillie for the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes. There’s been a war between Hamilton, Ont. & BlackBerry CEO Jim Balsillie vs. the Phoenix Coyotes, Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres, and the NHL. I hope Balsillie fails to acquire the team. Well, that’s about it. Also, two more things!

1.) I found a new game called Warfare 1944. You gotta go play it. It’s USA vs. Germany. You choose either USA or Germany. If you play as Germany, it’s a lot harder. Try playing on USA easy first, then medium, then hard, then try the same thing as Germany. I can’t win on easy with Germany. No matter how hard I TRY!

2.) I have a surprise that will occur later on today. You’ll have to wait in order to find out the surprise. I won’t be posting the surprise though 😉



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Hey guys!

I am at my friend’s house posting on his computer. He showed me a few funny YouTube videos. The first one was Billy Mays vs. Vince Gmod. I didn’t get the link for the first one. However, the second was a video of a guy named IDEK. He is EXTREMELY HILARIOUS! Here is the funny vid:


~Tiberus98 and my friend who showed me the vid, xPivotgaix (pronounced xPivot-GUAIx) is his YouTube acc. name

Go check out his videos!

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