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August 23, 2009

“I’m A Marvel, and I’m A DC”

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Hey guys!

I have a tiny announcement, along with two new “I’m a Marvel, and I’m A DCs”. Well, here u go:

BTW, I have news. Bad news. I’m probably not gonna post till Friday. That’s right. I said it. It’s because I’m busy from tomorrow until Thursday. This is why:

Monday – Swim with Sabres678 and Sabres333 at my house.

Tuesday – Swim with Numinater at my house.

Wednesday – Part I of my sleepover with Xpivotgaix

Thursday – Part II of my sleepover with Xpivotgaix, in which we swim.

So, Friday is the only available day for me. So, if Eric can, I want him to post the latest NHL & MLB Sports. DON’T LET ME DOWN ERIC. Just check for the latest on all hockey news, and probably has… well… MLB stuff. Well, hope you have great days up till Thursday. Well…

OH! I almost forgot. Something terrible happened yesterday. Shane Dawson’s new video, Oral History, got flagged by YouTube. He posted a new vid on his second channel to explain what happened. Here’s the vid:

I honestly thought there wasn’t nothing wrong in the vid. It had a nerd, a girl, Adolf Hitler, and Shananay. For those who saw the vid, like me, hopefully he and YouTube will work something out.

Well… gotta go! Hope you have a great week! I know I will. And for those starting school this week like Cooldood549, I hope u have a good 1st day. I hope the teachers aren’t tough on you. Gotta go. See ya on Friday for a new Bowser’s Kingdom. If u haven’t seen the first two episodes, here are da links:


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