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August 26, 2009

Some MLB stuff!

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I didn’t know Tib was counting on me to post stuff! I just read his message to me today! So, to catch up, I am posting šŸ™‚

I wanna post some MLB baseball stuff and maybe a little MiLB (Minor League Baseball)

here are some scores:

Atlanta Braves 1 / Sandiego padres 2.Ā  Well, the Padres pulled one out against the Braves in a close game today! It actually went into the 12th inning! Phew, what a game!

Texas Rangers 10 / New York Yankees 9. Another nail biter, The Bronx Bombers just couldn’t clean up against Josh Hamilton and the Lonestar state Rangers!

Pittsburgh pirates 6 / Philidelphia Phillies 4. Chase Utley and the World Series Champ Phillies, just couldn’t finish in PNC park. Hmm… good luck next time boys!

Tampa Bay Rays 7 / Toronto Blue Jays 3. Good job ALCS defending Rays! Evan Longoria and the Rays were just wayyyy to strong for the Jays. Better luck next time Canada šŸ™‚

Boston Red Sox 6 / Chicago White sox 3. No Curse of the Bambino Babe Ruth today as Jason Bay and the Beantown Sox defeated the sox. Hey, funny huh! Red Sox against the White Sox? LOL Red covered white today!

New York Mets 1 /Florida Marlins 2. Mr. David Wright and the Mets failed against Hanley Ramirez and the Marlins.

Washington Nationals 15 / Chicago Cubs 6. OUCH! The worst team in Baseball in the DC state just beat Geovani Soto and the Cubs! Hopefully, the Cubs can get it together quick. They have been on an awful loosing streak. Good luck Chi Cubs!

Kansas city Royals 6 / Cleveland Indians 2. Grady Sizemore and the Indians of Ohio could not put it up against Zack Grienke and Royals. Cleveland is a major contender in baseball, hopefully they can get it together.

St Louis. Cardinals 1 / Houston Astros 0. Aww cmon! Where was Lance Berkman and the Astros today? They just couldn’t put up the numbers against Albert Pujols and the former World Champs known as the Cardinals.

There is also some games on right now! More updating later šŸ™‚

I will also be playing some junior baseball soon! Wish me luck guys!!!

~Eric E

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