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August 27, 2009

Garry’s Mod: A Videogame Interview

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Hey, guys!


This is the game thats on the top of the shopping list.  Its called Garry’s Mod, and it’s truley an AWESOME game.

I happen to own this game myself, and let me just say, it is probably one of the best games on computer, and it has one heck of a low price.  It’s only 10 bucks!

This game is INTENSE.  It’s a mod built off of Half-life 2, Counter-Strike:Source, and some others that really don’t matter to me.  You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want.  You could build a boat, and sail it over to zombie island.  Or, you could set up an army of Combines(futuristic-like soldiers), and slaughter them with RPGs and make yourself invincible, or just go old-school, and bring out an SMG.

This game is in my top favorite games list, and I highly recommend that you get it.  However, you need a steam account to get it.  Just go to Google and type in Steam, and search for it.

It’s a favorite of Tiberus98’s, also, and once again, I highly recommend getting it.


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