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September 30, 2009

Tomorrow: NHL 2009-10 Season!

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Hey guys!

Here’s an update for the countdown:

1 day until the NHL 2009-10 Season starts! That’s right! It’s tomorrow! WOOHOO! Here’s the teams that play tomorrow, and who I think will win:

Washington Capitals @ Boston Bruins – Winner: Washington
Montreal Canadiens @ Toronto Maple Leafs – Winner: Montreal
San Jose Sharks @ Colorado Avalanche – Winner: San Jose
Vancouver Canucks @ Calgary Flames – Winner: Vancouver

Also in the NHL:

Mats Sundin has announced his retirement after 18 NHL seasons with the Quebec Nordiques, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Vancouver Canucks. Also, the Carolina Hurricanes announced they have resigned goalie Cam Ward to a 6-year, $37.8M contract.

Well, that’s it! See ya!



Oh my GOD, I need help!

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Hey guys.


Its Skill.  Whats up?  Sorry I havent been posting lately.  Been busy with homework (like now), sports, people in my school having huge crushes on me, all sorts of stuff.  Heheh!

So guys.  Im having an issue at school.  Ill make a friend whos a girl, and two days later, guess what?  Im all they think about.  Its like im nailed into the back of their minds!  So far, I have about, oh, say, counting from last year too, 35 crushes.  OUTCH.  But hey, I dont blame them.  Im the most athletic and good looking kid in our school.  Sabers, dont start making assumptions, you’ve never seen me before.  But boy, am I one devilishhly handsome guy!

 So I let loose in school that I just recently broke up with my original girlfriend.  Im regreting that as Im typing this message.  So anyway, speaking of me being single once again, this title is probably driving you crazy.  “God I need help!?  HELP!?  What is this, I mean, what is this!?  WHAT!?  Skill needing HELP!?  HOLY GOD!!”  Is what your probably screaming right now.  Yeah, in my case, of course, its ok to scream.  So heres the problem.  When I let loose in the school that I’m single now,  the 35 went NUTS.  They went CRAAAAAZY.  EL LOCO.  Now, all of a sudden, Im finding love letters and phone numbers being passed to my desk…more or less, taped to my locker.  So, one of the girls who likes me I like.  Shes really cute, funny, and athletic.  Just my type, right?  Heh…Anyway, I was thinking that I should ask her out.  But, I dont wanna hurt the other 34’s feelings.  What should I DO!?  This is probably the one and only time Im going to ask the public for help, so make use of it.  HELP ME, PLEASE!!!

Leave a comment on what you think I should do!


September 29, 2009

Thrashers sign Afinogenov

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The Atlanta Thrashers announced that they have signed Maxim Afinogenov. Terms were not disclosed.

Also, the Pittsburgh Penguins signed Martin Skoula to a 1-year contract. Here’s Shane Dawson and Miley!

Thank God the fight between Sabres333 and Eric E is over!


Umm… hi guys.

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Umm… wow rocky situations on this blog lately. I am glad this is getting resolved, sorry to everyone on this blog including all the fans, personel (workers), and just everyone on this site, it’s so great to be apart of this family again! When the voting poll came out, I was afraid I would get voted against, I am glad everyone wanted me back and I am glad I made truce with Sabres333 again.

To celebrate, I know this is partly a music site, so I made a CP music vid a long time ago (’bout a month ago) I know we have no more CP on this blog, but I think you guys will like it anyways. Here it is :

Well okay then…

~Eric E


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Hey guys,

You realized the fight between Sabres333 and Eric E right?






COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

September 27, 2009

Sabres333 vs. Eric E

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Hey guys!

So, if you’ve been looking at the comments on TNS’s U2 post, you’ll know that there’s been an arguement between co-owner Sabres333 and our MLB-Guy, Eric E. Now, the story is that Sabres333 and Eric E have fought over whether my crush likes me. Eric E thinks she does, while Sabres333 thinks she doesn’t. Sabres333 talked to my crush, and he said she “doesn’t like me”, and listed TONS of reasons why. Now, Eric E thinks that she likes me, but doesn’t want to admit it to Sabres333, because she knows he’ll tell me. She acts all nice around me. I don’t think she’s using me for popularity. In fact, she smiles at me and teases me, and blushes at me.

However, things have gotten chaotic about it. Sabres333 and Eric have cussed, when we have a “NO CUSSING POLICY!” Sabres333 has kicked Eric E off TNS Productions, and I find that Eric E should come back on as author. It’s up to you TNS fans! Should Eric E stay on as author?

Sabres Update: Even if he is to be put back on, I still will kick him off and then make everyone contributers besides me anyways. So there we go.

Poll closes Friday!

Here’s a new Bowser’s Kingdom:


September 26, 2009

Dawson: The Game of Love/ New Gravatar!

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Hey guys!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I wasn’t feeling to well, and I still don’t. Anyway, here’s a new Shane Dawson episode:

I’m gonna post a new Bowser’s Kingdom tomorrow. And some more news. The winning gravatar is… 1337 Paper Thing! I will start wearing it starting this Friday. Now for the countdown:

5 days until NHL season starts!


September 24, 2009

Gretzky steps down

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Hey guys!

Important news! Wayne Gretzky has stepped down from being the Coyotes’ coach. Gretzky, 48, is still co-owner of the franchise, even though he quit as coach. The replacement is Dave Tippett.

Also in the NHL: Patrice Brisebois has announced retirement. He has played for the Montreal Canadiens and Colorado Avalanche.

Speaking of the Colorado Avalanche, they resigned Milan Hejduk. And the San Jose Sharks signed Manny Malhotra. Lastly, the Anaheim Ducks have given back Steve McCarthy to the Atlanta Thrashers for future considerations. McCarthy never played for Anaheim, and he’s traded. Just like Toronto and Colin Stuart. The Leafs never gave Stuart a chance with them. Geez!

Now, for the countdown:

7 days until the NHL season starts! I CAN’T WAIT!


September 23, 2009

“Olli the Goalie” Retires

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Hey guys!

The countdown will be updated after this message:

Olaf “Olli the Goalie” Kolzig has decided to retire after 14 seasons in the NHL with the Washington Capitals, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Toronto Maple Leafs (Kolzig was injured when he got traded to Toronto, and never officially played a game with them).

Have a good retirement Olaf!

Now for the countdown:

8 days till the NHL season begins!


September 22, 2009

NHL Countdown (Updated)

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Hey guys!

Updating the countdown again. It’s closer than you think:

9 days until the NHL 2009-10 season starts!

Here’s a new Shane Dawson:


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