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October 12, 2009

Need Your Help! IMMEDIATELY!!!

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Sabres update: No they would not become an author,maybe you can think of something else, but they can become an author for two months.
Hey guys!

I need your help fast! You need to help me by doing some research, and commenting below. I’ll tell you everything below:

You see, today, Sabres333 and Sabres678 went to a craft show, and a man told Sabres333 about a book about hauntings in New York State. The book is called Ghosts of New York, but sadly, Sabres333 forgot the author. And the thing is, according to the book, there’s a haunting in my suburb area! It was in the book! It showed a picture of a family, and a girl was in the picture, BUT SHE DIED BEFORE THE PICTURE WAS TAKEN! So, here’s where we need your help:

I searched for the book on the Internet, yet I got NO WHERE! So, please, anyone and everyone who’s reading this post, please search your library or something for Ghosts of New York, and comment the author’s name below. This is the BEST part for you:

Whoever finds the author first, whether it’s from the Internet, or from just a library book, shall become an author for a year on TNS and TNS 2. (BTW, authors are involved too).

Why am I asking you this? Because once I find where the house is, I’ll basicly go there, with Sabres333, Numinater, and Sabres678 by my side, and we’ll go searching for paranormal. Just like the Othersiders!

So please, help us find “Ghosts of New York Volume 1”, and you’ll be an author on TNS & TNS2 for a year. Authors can help out too if they want.




October 10, 2009

Dawson: Old Episodes

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Hey guys!

Because Shane is sick, and isn’t posting a new video, I’m posting some of his old vids:

And for the IDEK fans:


Hope Shane gets well soon. That’s it for now! Oh, and a new “I’m A Marvel, and I’m A DC”:

Season 3 is coming soon:

That’s it for now! The Sabres play tonight. So far, they’re 1-0-1 this season. Ryan Miller has been doing well. Stay away Scott Gomez, stay away!

Oh well. Gotta go!


October 9, 2009

Catching Up From Vacation

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Hey guys!

I know I haven’t posted in 4 days. Sorry about that. I was EXTREMELY LAZY. I seriously didn’t feel like doing anything. But I’m posting today, and here’s a new Bowser’s Kingdom:

Also, Numinater informed me about the fact that the funny SNL short, “I Threw It On The Ground”, was deleted by YouTube. So please, if you didn’t see “I Threw It On The Ground”, please go search on YouTube for it. You’ll find other videos there.

As for Shane Dawson, here’s two new vids by him:

So Shane’s doctor says Shane can’t make a video this Saturday. We’ll have to wait till the next Saturday before Shane posts again. Hope you feel better Shane. You’re in our prayers ūüė¶


October 5, 2009

Commando 2

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Hey guys!

There’s a beast game on Miniclip called Commando 2. It’s really fun to play. The object is to destroy everything. You get a lot of cool weapons, but the best is the Nayberg NS30. I just found out about the game from Sabres678 today, and he said it’s really fun to play. We also were on this site today. But enough of that. Here’s more info about the game:

It’s rated #2 behind Club Penguin on Miniclip

If you like blowing people up, then this is the game for YOU!

Here are some snaps I got of the game:
Commando 2 Snap 1

Commando 2 Weapon Select

Commando 2 Snap 2

Commando 2 Snap 3

So go check out Commando 2 at! You’ll be glad you did!


Funniest Video Ever!!!!

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Hey guys!

I have to show you the funniest video ever! It is a skit from Saturday Night Live.  Its called, I threw it on the Ground. It is a song and you HAVE to watch THE WHOLE THING!!


October 4, 2009


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Update: It’s ready! Go to the following:

Hey guys!

Big news! TNS is getting a sister site! TNS 2! It’s a sequel to TNS Productions! Sabres333 is currently making it. He’ll update when it’s ready. I can’t wait until then. I’m excited!


Eric E owns TNS for week!!

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Hey Eric, guess wat, You own TNS for a week now!! There u go!! One week!!

Funny Vids!

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Hey guys!

I have some funny videos I want you to see:

And 2 music videos:


Left 4 Dead: Game Interview

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Hey guys.  Its Skill.


I used to have this game before my computer crashed, and I lost all of my stuff.  Its called Left 4 Dead, but were just gunna call it L4D.

So, L4Ds background is pretty much based on the zombie apocalypse.  The disease is started by getting someone very sick, and the disease kills them.  Then, the disease takes over the bodys brain, therefore giving it complete access to all of the bodys functions.  When the disease does take over the brain, it is therefore a zombie.

Now, youve probably heard lies about how zombies come to be.¬† I know, there is no such thing as a zombie, but a year ago, I was addicted to them, for some god forsaken reason.¬† No, zombies dont come out of the grave.¬† They dont just say, “Hmm, know what?¬† I think Ill get up today,” and break out of the coffin and crawl up the dirt.¬† The disease cannot reach that far underground.¬† And, zombies dont feed on brains, sickos.¬† A disease does not have to eat anything, more or less, drink anything to survive.¬† A zombies goal is to bite another living being, ripping their flesh open, and the disease transfers from the mouth to the living persons body.¬† Therefore, that person will become a zombie, and the disease will spread like that.¬† Well, youre¬†one survivor out of¬†4¬†survivors in the zombie apocalypse.¬† Your goal is to get from the starting point to the safehouse, and that safehouse becomes the starting point, and you continue on an on, going to safehouse to safehouse, until you reach the final stage, or the rescue zone.

The good thing is about you is that you have been given a shot which makes you immune to the zombie virus.  So when a zombie tries to kill you, you wont get killed, unless youre beaten to death.

There are 6 types of zombies:

The common zombie…Which is the common zombie.

The Smoker…A zombie with a mutated tongue, and the tongue is super strong and super long.¬† The tongue grips you, and drags you to the smoker.¬† The smoker will then start to beat you to death.¬† A nice way to die, huh?

The Hunter…A zombie wearing jeans and a blue hoodie, with the hoodie up.¬† The hunter has mutated legs, giving it the ability to pounce about 100 feet.¬† It pounces on you, gets you on your back, its legs locking you down, and it starts ripping the hell out of you.

The Witch…A long nailed, skinny, yellow eyed, long haired, bikini-wearing zombie that sits and cries.¬† I recommend that you DONT GO NEAR IT.¬† If you happen to disturb the witch in any way, such as teasing it with your flashlight, shooting at it, or going near it, she will sprint full-speed at you, she will knock you over, and she will TEAR YOU UP with her ridiculously long nailes.¬† So basicly, the person who disturbs the witch is probably going to DIE.

The Boomer…The boomer is a fat, bubbly, low-health zombie.¬† One shot and it kills you.¬† This zombies job is to throw up on you.¬† The vomit attracts the zombie horde, a pissed off horde that has about 50 common zombies trying to kill you.¬† The horde is activated by you 1. Shooting a car, thjerefore making the alarm go off (Which REALLY pisses them off…trust me) or 2. You get thrown-up on,

The Tank…Someone you REALLY dont wanna mess around with.¬† The Tank is BAD.¬† It appears at random in the game.¬† It has HUMONGOUS arms, and he likes to throw you around, scream, throw cars at you, and kill you.¬† How wonderful.

Heres some inside gameplay:

Oh yeah, Sabres333 quit.  WOOT!  GOOD RIDDENCE!


October 3, 2009

Dawson: Stupid TV Shows

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Hey guys!

Shane Dawson posted a new vid today:

Here’s a new Bowser’s Kingdom:


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