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Scary Stories!!

Hello creatures in the dark that own computers. Here our some of our creepy ghost stories that are REAL!!

Sabres333 (I have two stories to tell)

1. This one is dedicated to my teacher who told us this.

The Relativley ghost

It was any normal day, the parents were our shopping and the annoying brother was at his friends. There were two teenagers in the basement though, two teens about to see a ghost. You see one of the girl’s birthday is today, and her grandpa died two years ago today.  The girls hear footsteps in the kitchen from the basement, so they up there. There was no one there. So they hed back down. Then they hear a door open upstairs.  Then they head up the stairs to check what was happening. The closet door was open. The girls were kinda freaked out so they went downstairs. Then the basement door opened. There was only a shadow. Yet the shadow was carrying a baloon. The shadow walked down the stairs and to the girl that was having a birthday. Then the shadow moved the baloon closer to the girl. They both screamed and ran outside. When the mom came home the girls told them about the ghost. So the mom went to the closet door. It was locked.

2. I experienced this when I was three.

Carrot Boy Ghost

When I was three, I had a glass door for my back door of my house. then one day there was a kid that was totally white. White cloak, white hair, white skin, totally white. I thought he was just a poor person. So I went to the fridge and got some carrots. When I went to the glass door he put his hand up. So I thought the door was closed. When I went to open it, I realized it was already open. So I put my hand up to his and he vanished.

Here is the freakiest story that happened to me last night! 8/28/2009! Just last night!

Eric E:

Last night, I was at my Grandmothers last night, taking a small swim around.

This was an unusual, sad day from the start. Keep in mind I was sad, the whole day. So my dad decided to cheer me up, he decided to take me to my Grandmas for a little swimming fun. SO we started to swim around 8:30 PM and  I got out at around 11:11 PM on this spooky Friday night.

I get out of the pool, and to dress myself back up, I  walk into my grandmas house. As I proceed to change, I was the only one in this big, old, creaky house. So, as I was changing, one of my grandmas collectible dolls starts moving back and forth on its rocking horse. As I approach the shaking doll, my change of clothes comes to a smack on the old grey carpet. As I go to pick up my change of clothes that I should wear home, I hear an Antique wooden chair crackling in the night. As I approach the eerie chair, I hear movement on the old time stair case along with a loud BANG from upstairs. As I go into the bed room, to check if my grand parents are still ok, they are still in the bed lying asleep and nothing has changed. I proceed to check the upstairs bathroom, nothing new or different, same with the closet, nothing has changed.

As I proceeded to shake off the noisy disturbance, I walk down stairs on this mysterious, and unusual night. I then see a white shadow heading out the door.  S I go outside to see where this mysterious shadow is, but it is nowhere to be found. So I go back to change and nothing more happens. I have never told a soul about this story.

This mysterious soul may have been trying to make me happy, it may have been a relative or an angel sent from God to cheer me up.  The spirit has never returned since.


  1. Wow. Interesting. I may post some soon.

    Comment by Eric E — August 3, 2009 @ 10:53 am

  2. Come on Eric. Post some paranormal things you’ve seen.

    Comment by Tiberus98 — August 29, 2009 @ 12:40 pm


    Comment by Eric E — August 29, 2009 @ 11:47 pm

  4. I can’t edit pages. Can you re-add me as an admin or an editor? I’m only an author right now, so I can’t edit pages! But I have a freaky story! It will scare you all for nights! It’s real also!

    Comment by Eric E — August 29, 2009 @ 11:49 pm

  5. Alright. I’ll make u an admin.

    Comment by Tiberus98 — August 30, 2009 @ 12:17 am

  6. You’re an admin now. Please update the page for the scary story now!

    Comment by Tiberus98 — August 30, 2009 @ 12:57 am

  7. Dude. Come on. I really wanna hear the scary story that happened to you!

    Comment by Tiberus98 — August 30, 2009 @ 11:37 pm

  8. Eric. I have an idea. Maybe next time you should whisper: “Who’s there?” or shout it when the white shadow left your house. I have a scary image in my head. To me, nothing can be white except a spirit. Tell me, was it glowing? If it was glowing, then it was probably a spirit, or angel.

    So, I have 4 questions you need to answer:

    1.) Was the white shadow glowing?

    2.) Was the thing blurry?

    3.) Are u sure it wasn’t a robbery?

    4.) Why exactly were u upset?

    Answer these questions, and I might know if it’s a spirit, angel, crook, or just your imagination (most likely).

    Something weird has happened to me when I was home alone. You see, my mom went grocery shopping, and the store is like two miles away. I lock the computer room door every time my mom leaves to shop. This happens every Friday.

    So, about 45 minutes after she leaves, I hear someone walking in the kitchen downstairs. Then, I hear nothing. 10 minutes later, I hear someone walking up the stairs, and I make no movements or noises. I realize that I’m safe, because I have a phone in the computer room that’s fully charged, and the door’s locked.

    I hear nothing. 5 minutes later, I hear someone walk up to the door. I make no noises. I hear someone walk into my room. Then, after that, I hear nothing for the rest of the time. When my mom gets home, I rush into my room, I see a big lump on my bed. I pounce on it, and nothing’s there. Then, I hear someone escape the back door which was locked. I go there, and it’s still locked, with the secret wooden stick holding the door extra locked. About 45 minutes later, while I’m taking a shower, I hear screaming outside. So, thinking everything over, I pulled myself together, and let what happened go. So Eric, if you see this white shadow again, don’t be afraid to confront it. At worst, if he’s a robber with a gun, just let him take what he wants. If it’s a spirit, take a photo of it. Spirits can’t be caught on photos. If he’s on the photo, then he’s fake. I have to say this case is probably paranormal, but I’m gonna need you to answer those 4 questions I gave u. Once u answer them, I’ll kno everything.

    But like I’m sayin’, probably a faker.

    Comment by Tiberus98 — August 31, 2009 @ 10:57 am

  9. 1 I don’t think so, I didn’t get the greatest look.

    2 Yes, blurry.

    3.Yes, either that or the robber was very good at gymnastics. lol.

    4.Idk, sometimes I am just upset about things. We’re moving, and I am gonna miss my old house, and maybe I was just sad about different things that day. I will have to think about this question.

    P.S. Why was there screaming outside????!!!

    Comment by Eric E — September 2, 2009 @ 12:11 am

  10. I actually don’t think it was apart of the “thing”. It was probably the little kids that live a few doors down.

    Actually, it probably wasn’t a spirit or robber. It was probably my house creeking, and btw, there wasn’t a lump, and the thing didn’t leave my house. I dunno why I made those parts up. It’s probably because I’ve never seen anything paranormal in real life, ya kno, face-to-face. And because of that, I have mixed feelings. A part of me is happy I never saw one, because I would probably wet myself and cry, and a part of me is sad, because it seems like everyone has seen a spirit but me. Because of that, I feel left out. Well, hopefully the day will come, but then again, maybe it won’t. Thank God for the Othersiders. Now I can watch paranormal things on TV, and kno it isn’t me who dies first (lol).

    So… sorry about part of the story being fake. Actually, it was probably ALL fake, because my house probably creeked. My door was locked, so I never saw it. But I always hear thing when I’m alone.

    The “spirit” stuff hasn’t happened recently though. I still lock the door, but.

    BTW, you did see a spirit. Congrats! Because Numinater saw a blurry white shadow about a year ago at a sleepover with his cousin at his house. Cool! I wonder if the spirit saw my house! That’d be funny. He walks outside, and I wave to him from my window. “Hey Mr. Spirit! Wanna have a sleepover?” ROFL.

    Comment by Tiberus98 — September 2, 2009 @ 1:00 am

  11. Cool 🙂 You will see one someday 😉

    Comment by Eric E — September 8, 2009 @ 9:50 am

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